Rut the slug, enjoy a walk through the forest. Watch everything carefully.
It catches your attention, the huge and tall grasses, the giant multicolored mushrooms and the leafy clovers that kindly offer their shade.
The faint rays of the sun, warm the air and soften this beautiful autumn morning.
She is very tired, her outings are nocturnal, it is not very common to be on the surface by day. She wanted to travel and know the world from another perspective, at night everything looks very different.
e pauses on the road and drinks a pure, refreshing drop of dew. It is so fresh and comforting that you enjoy every last sip.
A lot of clouds play at the spot, they run to each other, the sky is taking different shapes and colors. When two of the smaller ones collided, one of them began to cry and her tears turned into rain. With the first drops, Rut experienced a new and unique sensation, she felt free.
Not far from there Bret the snail watched the rain fall, huddled from the safety of its shell. Bret felt fortunate to have a house where he could shelter from the heat and cold, a place where he could rest assured.
Shortly afterwards and once the rain Rut stopped, she continued her walk. When they met Bret, they greeted each other cordially, but each one resumed his ways. Rut was thinking about Bret felt that carrying that house at a cost was something tedious, she would not like to be tied to anything, she preferred freedom, to be able to walk and enjoy everything without any kind of tie. By his side at the same time Bret thought that he would not feel confident that he could not be without his shell, that he did not understand how Ruth could live that way. Neither can understand or put himself in the other’s shoes. But both are respected and live together being different. They feel unique they enjoy what they are without judging themselves. They are happy each in their own way.
-Diversity – said Ruth.
Diversity, Bret thought.


An unforgettable experience

The only time I saw snow
It was a winter morning
Look dad how it rains!
Go to the window!

No Leticia, it does not rain
Look carefully
What you see is sleet
He answered quickly

What is sleet?
Is it a kind of hail?
Can you see only because it rains?
Does it break when it falls to the floor?

In the way you will learn
Like, what it is and what it feels like
Sure you will experience it
By observing it carefully

Can we go out and touch it?
I never saw snow
To go enjoy it
We have to warm up!

I felt it in my face
In my hands I had it
I tried it, I saw it and I smelled it
I stopped studying it

Dad invited me to play
We also made a doll
We could enjoy it a lot
Well happy we feel

Unforgetable experience
Never again has it been repeated
The only, but remarkable
The best I have lived


The sulky Goliath

In a kingdom, very, very far, behind snowy mountains, there was a prince called Goliath. He was always in a bad mood, he did not like anything, he suffered from severe headaches, everything seemed ugly and nothing made him happy. The queen was worried because she did not know how to help Goliath. One morning, tired of seeing him irritable, in a bad mood and angry about everything, he asked his husband the King to send for the magician, the druid. He would find a solution.
The wise old man went to the palace and bowing to the Queen said:
Your Majesty, how can I help you?
I have sent you to call a wise druid, for I need your advice, your wisdom. The young prince is always in a bad mood, angry, with a headache in short … I would like to give me a quick answer.
The wizard asked him a little time to detect the problem and find the solution.
Okay, but I need it to be as soon as possible –  the Queen said worriedly.
Your majesty will do my best to please her. I need to be in touch with Goliath to be able to help him.
No problem, you can do it as many times as you want.
The magician retired bowing to the Queen and went in search of the child. I did not want to let a second pass. He walked through the castle, its long corridors, and stood in different corners until he approached the garden, there he was playing a brave knight.
The Druid approached in silence, the girl at the sight of him started. Goliath seemed to be very excited, enthusiastic, concentrated, joyfully enjoying the game. The magician approached the young prince in order to join him.
Your Majesty, every gentleman needs a squire, and I am willing to be yours – he said, bowing.
The prince looked at him closely and said,
You’re too old to be my squire.- But only this time I’ll let you be.
Thank you prince -said the Druid.
They continued with the game of little by little the magician was gaining its confidence, needed to be able to observe the child carefully. As they played the druid, he noticed that the young prince narrowed his eyes and wrinkled his nose repeatedly. While fighting in endless battles against the magician who had become an obscure knight, the prince found it difficult to hit his sword, he had to fix the visit a lot. Mouse after Goliath was in a very bad mood and decided to terminate the game. The druid said goodbye to the child until a new opportunity. The wise old man stayed in the garden wondering how he could help him. A transparent butterfly that flew and fluttered in the garden gave him an idea. The prince needed some device to help him with his vision. They spent several days in search of a solution, tried with the water, the drops of dew, but it was not what it needed, looked in the nature but the solution did not appear. One afternoon while observing the precious stones, he realized that he could see through them. In the diamond he found what he was looking for; transparency, purity, firmness and increase of reality.
The next morning he left for the palace and after explaining to the Queen what his idea was and what was happening to the prince he asked to be brought two pieces of diamond as flat as possible. Rat later the druid counted on the requested one. With them and a set of woods he invented so that he could hold them and put them to the prince in his eyes. At first he refused to let that happen but when his mother the Queen gave the order he had no choice but to let it happen. A different world, a different reality appeared before him. No one had noticed that he had vision problems. Despite being surrounded by servants, having several nanas and subjects at his service, no one had noticed, no one had put enough interest in him.
The wise old man complied with the royal order but above all changed the life of the young prince, who thanked the magician with his unconditional friendship.





Children’s Literature – Uruguayan Writer