I wish you a 2018 full of passion, creativity and abundance. May the magic of life surprise and fill you. A 2018 full of projects and dreams that make the world a better place, a place of light, peace and love. Blessings for all.
                                       Roberto Cordero


Mystery in the Zoo

This morning the zoo animals woke up more riotous than ever. The Zoo was in complete silence. No one could believe it, since Filippo, the talkative Parrot, with its shrill and high-pitched chatter, is responsible for waking everyone. Morning noon and night never stops chattering. Until when he dreams, he chatters asleep.
-Good day, good day, good day, it’s time to wake up pruuu, pruuuu, shouted, repeating the same phrase over and over again.
Other animals are tired of having to listen to it over and over again as if it were an alarm clock to ring its Bell. So much so that some have already threatened. But Filippo continues to be the first to get up and wake others up today which has mysteriously disappeared. The animals began to make all kinds of comments without any evidence.
-A mi me seems like Timoteo lion he already had said that one day, it he was going to eat said Paulina macaw.
-Not gone in search of peanuts to cage the elephant Benito and unwittingly sat him up and crushed it?-asked Ramona parrot.
-Mmmm, I know… crazy monkeys abducted him. Those if that are always looking for getting in trouble he said Palucho Peacock.
-Why not stop inventing possible culprits or situations and look for someone what resolve this case.
After discussion a while, decided that Brujin owl, was better able to solve this mystery. It was very, very, intelligent, cunning, shrewd and nothing better than another bird to do so. To find a bird you must think like a bird.
When we were in search of the OWL Brujin this bother much.
-OWL Brujin, OWL Brujin, wake up, to something serious happened.
-Why I wake up to this hour of the morning? I hope it is something really serious responded with much anger.
-Has been committed a crime.
-That! -you answered with much astonishment.
-Fillippo gone!. This morning dawned the Zoo in peace and silence.
-What a rare thing!. But… for what I wake up?
-Is that we think that it could solve the riddle and find the guilty of their disappearance. Will you do it?
-Okay, okay. The first thing that I do is rule out possible authors. See let me think…
Turtles are very slow and never have problems with anyone. They sure weren’t. Snakes and spiders are so but so but so guarded and locked up who were not. The bears are wintering and there as they wake them nor were. The elephant, Giraffe and hippopotamus do not seem to have been. The hyenas them Yes, likes to make jokes and might be guilty. The lion had threatened him several times already, the is also suspect. You could begin looking for any clues in the cage and its surroundings. That’ll do!.
I know! I’m going to look for clues and make some inquiries that lead me to discover that it was what happened with Filippo.
Brujin quickly flew to the cage the Parrot and began to observe.
See… Let’s see how many feathers loose!, it seems that he had resisted.
I looked carefully and went out in search of some answers
-Hello ladies greeted Brujin– Hello jiji ji ji. How are you? JI, ji, ji, ji, would like to tell you a joke that is to die of laughter? JI, ji, ji, ji said one of the hyenas.
-Can tell me where you were last night?
-We were here till late telling jokes and laughing non-stop.
-What they know of the disappearance of Filippo?
-Nothing at all. We do not have anything to do.
-Is not another joke for those who are accustomed to make us? No?
-No, ji, ji, ji. This time we are not guilty ji, ji, ji. Perhaps were those crazy monkey ji, ji, ji. They want to blame us all JI, ji, ji, ji.
-Thanks will continue investigating.
I could see that information have monkeys. Although first I by Timothy cage I want to hear his version.
-Good day Timothy.
-Good day Brujin. what brings you here?. Not you’re thinking I did something to that annoying bird?.
-Simply, I wanted to ask if you know something of his disappearance.
-Not really no. I was that threaten it several times, but was to see if it was a bit silent. It never hurt.
-Why should I believe you?
-Because you already save you life once. Remember when those stray cats wanted to eat?.
-It is true. Thanks will continue investigating.                                                      The monkeys also told him that they were not. That always blame used to them all and sure were these annoying hyenas. He then decided to return to the cage to see what more could be found. It gave account that had not eaten their ration of seeds. He asked some questions to the rest of the birds but not obtaining any clues that will help solve the mystery. She flew to thinking about all the possibilities until he recalled something he had seen out of the cage and to which importance had removed. It was cage by cage saying gentlemen as I solved the mystery. Stay calm in one or days will return. Outside his cage was pulled syringe. I am sure that dropped him to the vet. Filippo must be in nursing. And so was. Two days later Filippo was stirring up the Zoo again.
-Good morning!, good morning!, good day!, it’s time to wake up!, pruuu, pruuuu. __________________________________________________________________

Magical journey

Fall asleep waiting
The moon come out
Fall asleep dreaming
Start to live

A created world
By magicians and fairies
A world nailed
After snowy peaks

Singing, dancing
You walk its streets
You are enjoying
This beautiful valley

One hundred thousand butterflies
In bright colors
They look very showy
Highlight flowers

Chocolate everything is
Streets, trees and squares
Eat all podes
Did you already test the houses?

Joy and madness
Reign this enchanted valley
Here the dreams last
Everything is so crazy

Enjoy the rest of this trip
Well, tomorrow will come soon
I brought you here
I’ll wait for you next to your bed.



Rut the slug, enjoy a walk through the forest. Watch everything carefully.
It catches your attention, the huge and tall grasses, the giant multicolored mushrooms and the leafy clovers that kindly offer their shade.
The faint rays of the sun, warm the air and soften this beautiful autumn morning.
She is very tired, her outings are nocturnal, it is not very common to be on the surface by day. She wanted to travel and know the world from another perspective, at night everything looks very different.
e pauses on the road and drinks a pure, refreshing drop of dew. It is so fresh and comforting that you enjoy every last sip.
A lot of clouds play at the spot, they run to each other, the sky is taking different shapes and colors. When two of the smaller ones collided, one of them began to cry and her tears turned into rain. With the first drops, Rut experienced a new and unique sensation, she felt free.
Not far from there Bret the snail watched the rain fall, huddled from the safety of its shell. Bret felt fortunate to have a house where he could shelter from the heat and cold, a place where he could rest assured.
Shortly afterwards and once the rain Rut stopped, she continued her walk. When they met Bret, they greeted each other cordially, but each one resumed his ways. Rut was thinking about Bret felt that carrying that house at a cost was something tedious, she would not like to be tied to anything, she preferred freedom, to be able to walk and enjoy everything without any kind of tie. By his side at the same time Bret thought that he would not feel confident that he could not be without his shell, that he did not understand how Ruth could live that way. Neither can understand or put himself in the other’s shoes. But both are respected and live together being different. They feel unique they enjoy what they are without judging themselves. They are happy each in their own way.
-Diversity – said Ruth.
Diversity, Bret thought.





Children’s Literature – Uruguayan Writer